Probably the most effective therapy in any natural healing program, hydrotherapy has been used for centuries to cure every type of disease. From the Greek physician Hippocrates, John Floyer in England, Vincenz Priessnitz and Sebastian Kneipp in Germany, Benedict Lust to the famous John Kellogg and O G Carroll right here in North America all used hydrotherapy to cure illness.

Hot water brings blood to the surface of the skin, which is why the skin turns red, it relaxes the body by expanding blood vessels and loosening the muscles. Cold water does the opposite; it contracts the muscles and blood vessels sending the blood on the surface deeper into the body and organs. By alternating hot and cold you increase circulation in the body. Blood carries oxygen and nutrition to every cell and organ in the body, when blood is restricted to any area of the body that area will eventually die. By feeding your dog a proper diet and loading his blood with the right herbs and nutrition, hydrotherapy will ensure your pet’s will receive everything he need for his body to heal.

Hydrotherapy on the lower back directly affects the kidneys and starts improving their function almost immediately. It has pulled countless dogs out of kidney failure and is also equally effective in treating many different ailments. The first time we started hydrotherapy to treat sick animals we would do the whole body, we later began applying the treatments directly to the sick areas and we noticed miracles. Heart murmurs that still lingered after healing dog’s hearts disappeared. A brutal sinus infection that was bleeding and unstoppable for 6 months disappeared after only three days of hydrotherapy. Dogs that were diagnosed with a ripped cruciate ligament healed in weeks. These are just a sample of the amazing healings we have personally seen, I mention these to illustrate how strong the healing power of hydrotherapy is.


If your dog has longer or thick hair you will need to trim the hair on the lower back, just above the hips. If your dog has short hair similar to the dog pictured below the water should be able to contact the skin without trimming the hair. If you are not sure where the kidneys are located ask your veterinarian to show you. The photo below will show you the general area.

Put your dog in the tub, you will need a hand sprayer. Turn the water on warm and apply to the lower back area. Get him used to the water, after about a minute turn up the heat to the hottest setting you can handle without burning yourself. Keep this on the area for one minute. Then turn the hot water completely off and spray the cold water for another full minute. Repeat this for a total of 10-15 minutes at least twice a day. (See photo below.)

End on warm to relax or cold to invigorate. You will notice when on warm your dog may yawn or even start to dose off and on cold they will perk right up!

WARNING: If your dog is in kidney failure start him off with warm water alternating to cool water as not to shock his system. Over the next 3-5 days gradually increase the contrast in temperature with each session until you reach the temperatures described above.



If you have a similar fixture to the one above, a good idea is to mark the hot water limit with two peices of electrical tape. One on the handle and one on the face plate. This way you will not have to guess where the right temperature is each time you switch back to hot. You should always check the water on yourself first to avoid burning your dog as in some buildings water pressure can effect the temperature.


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On a routine visit to the veterinarian, my wife and I discovered that our beloved lab mix Winnie had elevated BUN and Creatinine levels. Our vet recommended a canine internal medicine specialist. My lovely wife returned from the specialist in tears, as she had been informed that Winnie was in complete kidney failure and likely had less than 6 months to live. The internal medicine specialist said that Winnie had lost function of one kidney and the other’s ability to operate up to her body’s needs was quickly deteriorating....  In a frantic couple of days, we researched possible solutions. Everything seemed both incredibly invasive for Winnie, and upon discovering the Five Leaf Pharmacy website, we were very intrigued, although somewhat skeptical of the therapy program that was laid out. Maintaining a cautious attitude, we purchased our first kit and scheduled an appointment with the internal medicine specialist that would follow the first cycle....  The fear, the doubts, and the questions all went away after Winnie’s first trip back to the specialist following her first cycle of the program. Her BUN plummeted back into the normal range, down from the mid 80s to the 23, and her Creatinine decreased to 2.1, down from 2.7!!! We immediately ordered another cycle to keep the Creatinine falling, and it did! The BUN remained constant and the Creatinine fell to a lowly 1.4! Winnie was BACK!!!!...* read more >>

August 23, 2007
I have just received my lab results for my golden retriever, Brandy. It has been 3 weeks since we began the program of the food and herbal treatments recommended by the Five Leaf Pet Pharmacy. I must say I never thought I would make it 3 weeks! It was my last chance to treat Brandy for her kidney disease. I was willing to dedicate the 3 weeks required, at sometimes wondering if perhaps I was just looking for a remedy that would help, any remedy, when I came upon www.caninekidneyhealth.com. I was doubtful, I was skeptic. I was desperate. I called. Skye was the person I spoke with. I decided to "go for it"  So............ here are the results......... Brandy's Bun is 22- normal, Brandy's Creatinine is 0.8- normal, Brandy's Phosphorus is 4.4- normal, Skye said to dance for joy! I was still skeptical when she said celebrate! Her tests are great! You have your dog back!!! It was hard for me to believe, but, I am so, so, greatful. thank you, thank you, thank you. Marcia Martin and of course Brandy.

Marcia Martin*
Massachusetts , USA

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