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Five Leaf Pet Pharmacy is a well-established, internationally recognized company and brand. Five Leaf Pet Pharmacy is not a fly-by-night operation trying to sell the latest fad product. It is a privately owned company that has been managed by the same owner since it's inception, over 7 years ago. Our specialty has always been helping people restore their canine companions health and we have been serving satisfied and loyal customers in over 50 countries for over 7 years. During this time, the Canine Heart Health and Canine Kidney Health Programs have become the number one selling natural healing programs for companion animals in the world for one reason only – they work!

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All testimonials and personal stories quoted on this site are 100% authentic and third-party verified. They have been submitted by actual Five Leaf Pet Pharmacy customers. Emails, letters and pictures are used with permission.

On a routine visit to the veterinarian, my wife and I discovered that our beloved lab mix Winnie had elevated BUN and Creatinine levels. Our vet recommended a canine internal medicine specialist. My lovely wife returned from the specialist in tears, as she had been informed that Winnie was in complete kidney failure and likely had less than 6 months to live. The internal medicine specialist said that Winnie had lost function of one kidney and the other’s ability to operate up to her body’s needs was quickly deteriorating....  In a frantic couple of days, we researched possible solutions. Everything seemed both incredibly invasive for Winnie, and upon discovering the Five Leaf Pharmacy website, we were very intrigued, although somewhat skeptical of the therapy program that was laid out. Maintaining a cautious attitude, we purchased our first kit and scheduled an appointment with the internal medicine specialist that would follow the first cycle....  The fear, the doubts, and the questions all went away after Winnie’s first trip back to the specialist following her first cycle of the program. Her BUN plummeted back into the normal range, down from the mid 80s to the 23, and her Creatinine decreased to 2.1, down from 2.7!!! We immediately ordered another cycle to keep the Creatinine falling, and it did! The BUN remained constant and the Creatinine fell to a lowly 1.4! Winnie was BACK!!!!...* read more >>

August 23, 2007
I have just received my lab results for my golden retriever, Brandy. It has been 3 weeks since we began the program of the food and herbal treatments recommended by the Five Leaf Pet Pharmacy. I must say I never thought I would make it 3 weeks! It was my last chance to treat Brandy for her kidney disease. I was willing to dedicate the 3 weeks required, at sometimes wondering if perhaps I was just looking for a remedy that would help, any remedy, when I came upon I was doubtful, I was skeptic. I was desperate. I called. Skye was the person I spoke with. I decided to "go for it"  So............ here are the results......... Brandy's Bun is 22- normal, Brandy's Creatinine is 0.8- normal, Brandy's Phosphorus is 4.4- normal, Skye said to dance for joy! I was still skeptical when she said celebrate! Her tests are great! You have your dog back!!! It was hard for me to believe, but, I am so, so, greatful. thank you, thank you, thank you. Marcia Martin and of course Brandy.

Marcia Martin*
Massachusetts , USA

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